Stop taking iron tablets and fibre supplements - Metamucil, Normafibe, Normacol, Fybogel. Stop Warfarin tablets if advised to do so. Discuss with your doctor whether you need to stop other blood thinning agents - eg. Aspirin, Clopidogrel If you are an insulin - requiring diabetic contact your diabetes doctor as you will need your insulin dose modified on the day of the procedure.


Stop anti-diarrhoeal agents - Imodium, Lomotil, Codeine. Start a diet that is low in fibre and low in fat and drink lots of clear fluids from now on. Take your regular medication. Do not drink alcohol for the 2 days prior to the procedure. Take one 5mg Durolax tablet at night.

Foods allowed: Your diet must consist of foods only from this list. Stewed peeled fruit and cooked, peeled pumpkin and potato. White bread, rice bubbles. White rice and white pasta. Well cooked lean white meat and fish. Eggs. Low fat milk and plain low fat yoghurt. Fluids allowed: Water, Tea & Coffee, strained fruit juices without pulp or seeds (apple), clear cordials and jelly (lemon or lime only - no red or purple coloured). Artificial sweeteners are permitted. Cup of Soups (strain away noodles and solids). Vegemite or Bonox in water, clear soups, broth.


Have a good breakfast and lunch from yesterday's ALLOWED list together with clear liquids. Following lunch clear fluids only - no solid food. Make up the sachet of Colonlytely into 1 litre of water and refrigerate for later. Take your regular medication. Drink at least 8 glasses of clear fluids throughout the day up until 5pm.

First dose: 5PM - Add contents of one Picolax sachet to 250mls water in a large glass and drink completely.

Second dose: 6PM - Remove the 1 litre of Colonlytely from the fridge and drink over one hour. You can add some sugar free clear cordial if required for taste. If you feel nauseous or bloated, slow down and drink a small amount at a time followed by some water or clear fluids. This solution will clear the bowel by inducing diarrhoea within 2 to 3 hours and should settle by midnight at the latest. If pain relief is needed, Paracetamol only may be taken.

Patients who have a long distance to travel on the morning of their procedure should drink the second Picolax sachet at 7PM the evening prior to their procedure.


Third dose: 7AM - Add contents of one Picolax sachet to 250mls water in a large glass and drink completely. Continue to drink clear fluids until 5 hours prior to booking time.

On the day of the procedure you must fast completely (no food or drink) for at least 5 hours prior to your admission time. Please take your regular medications during the fasting period with just a sip of water. Do not take diabetic medications. If you have any questions regarding your bowel preparation please do not hesitate to contact the rooms on 95910466. Note: If you take the oral contraceptive pill, you must use additional barrier methods until the next period as the pill's absorption is affected by diarrhoea.

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